Larimer-Weld Association of Legal Support Staff

Fort Collins/Greeley/Loveland/Windsor

BACKGROUND - The Colorado Association of Legal Support Staff (CALSS) incorporated as a Colorado nonprofit organization in 1996.  The local chapter was originally incorporated in 1969, was reorganized and incorporated in 1996, and is associated with CALSS.  Membership in LWALSS has many benefits.  Members gain recognition in the legal profession and network with other support staff experienced in specialized areas of legal procedure.

MEETINGS - The LWALSS chapter generally meets on the third Wednesday of every month with after-work meetings.  Meetings are open to the public.  Advance notice of meetings is sent to all members.  Social events may also be held throughout the year.  Check the Calendar of Events for current meeting information.

2019-2020 OFFICERS

President - Janet Knoll, PLS
Vice President - Sherry McWethy
Secretary - Lisa Ritter, PLS
Treasurer - Teresa Chamberlain
State Representative - Cathy Vlasak, PLS

For more information contact: 

Sherry McWethy
 Vice President/Membership/Employment
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


EDUCATION - Legal education is an important part of the ser­vices provided to the legal community.  The Asso­ciation sponsors seminars through­out the year.  Topics range from criminal investi­gation steps to meeting the magistrates, judges and court clerks.  

MEMBERSHIP - Active members consist of those persons who live or work in Larimer County and Weld County, Colorado, and are licensed to practice law, engaged as legal assistants, paralegals, legal secretaries, law office admin­istrators, stenographers, typists, recep­tionists or clerks in any law office, employed as court reporters or in the courts, employed in the trust de­partments of banks, trust companies, or any public or private institutions, or employed in offices directly engaged in work of a legal nature, including the public offices of the U.S. Government, states, counties, or municipalities.

DUES - Membership dues are $30 per year for Active Members ($20 state and $10 local), $25 per year for Active Life Members ($20 state and $5 local) and $20 for Associate Members ($15 state and $5 local).  Employers often will pay the yearly membership dues as a benefit for their employees.  The fiscal year is September 1 to August 30.

EMPLOYMENT REFERRAL - Employment referral service is available free to anyone looking for a position in the area.  Local employers are also invited to contact LWALSS for assistance in filling positions.


  • Volunteer to type at the Pro Se Divorce Clinic on a monthly basis
  • Organize and hold luncheon seminars to cover current legal topics and to meet court personnel, magistrates and judges
  • Staff tables at the Colorado Bar Association Convention and Larimer County Law Day luncheon
  • Participate in civic projects (Aerie teen home, the Olivas family, Crossroads Safe House, Santa Cops, etc.)
  • Assist Young Lawyers with Practice Manual and Law Day
  • Hold an annual Bosses’ Appreciation Night
  • Assist Larimer County Bar Association with state and local mock trials.


Benefits to Members

  • Seminars and workshops on legal education and professional enhancement are offered at minimal or no cost to members.
  • CALSS and LWALSS endorse many certifi­cation programs, including the Certified Professional Legal Secretary (PLS), Accred­ited Legal Secretary (ALS), Certified Legal Assis­tant (CLA), and Certified Professional Secre­tary (CPS), and assist members in preparing for certification examinations.
  • CALSS offers scholarships to members inter­ested in furthering their legal knowledge and professional skills and to others interested in pursuing a legal career.
  • Publications - Members receive subscriptions to:
    • The State of the Association, a quarterly newsletter with events, news, and notes about the association, its affiliates, and members.
  • Networking - Increased efficiency in the legal field is promoted by a membership network of legal support staff profess­ionals.  CALSS members are dedicated to sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience with fellow members.

Benefits to Employers

  • Increased effectiveness, experience, and skills of legal support staff.
  • Improved quality of work and enhanced professional image in the legal field.
  • Availability of quality education for legal support staff at minimal or no cost to members.
  • A network throughout Colorado which provides information and referrals in many Colorado counties.